WiMedia UWB Becomes A Standard, Opening Door For 480Mbps Wireless USB

That web of wires behind your computer and under your desk may soon become a thing of the past. Once WiMedia’s Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology and Wireless USB products based on WiMedia UWB hit the market. Which could happen in the very near future. UWB has finally become a standard technology as the International Organization for Standardization and Ecma International have signed off on EMA-368, ECMA-369, and ISO/IEC 26907, which provides the basis for Wireless USB. UWB uses low-power radio and multi-band orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing for short data transmissions. In the future expect all of the features and benefits of the USB 2.0 but in a completely wireless environment.
Via [arstechnica.com]

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