Basic Security Mechanisms for Wireless Networks

As more companies start to deploy wireless networking, important security aspects are often overlooked. Wireless networking was initially marketed towards home consumers and specialized applications, but was limited by low throughput speeds. As the technology matured, networking standards were introduced to ensure interoperability between vendors, and greater speeds were obtained. Driven by both the demands of the users and the flexibility offered by wireless networks, businesses started to deploy wireless networks in areas that were difficult to provide wired-based networking topologies, such as warehouses and conference rooms. Unfortunately, due to the ease of wireless deployment, and the freshness of the technology, many network engineers do not realize the risks associated with operating a wireless network. Even if proper precautions are taken to ensure a secure wireless network environment, there is still the risk of a user purchasing their own wireless Access Point (AP) or base stations and installing it on the network unbeknownst to the IT staff.
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