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Novatel’s MiFi 2352 HSPA Review

SlashGear has gotten their hands on the new Novatel MiFi 2352. What makes this different from the previous version offered by Verizon and Sprint? Well, this one is GSM based and could see 3G download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbits and upload speeds of nearly 5.76 Mbits. For a detailed review, including unboxing picturesContinue Reading

My Wonderful Trip To South Africa That Didn’t Happen Thanks To The TSA And Delta Airlines

I don’t normally post personal items, but I think that everyone should know about some of the horrible things happening at San Diego International Airport and with Delta Airlines. I wrote this immediately after the events that transpired so that I would have an accurate log. Summers are the busiest travel time of the year.Continue Reading

iPhone Music Store Plus Apple And Starbucks/T-Mobile Wi-Fi Agreement

We have received word and rumors are spreading that Apple and Starbucks/T-Mobile will be announcing a special deal to allow for iPhone Wi-Fi access at Starbucks/T-Mobile sites. The terms and details of the announcement are not yet known, but we hear that this is going to arrive at the same time that the iTunes storeContinue Reading

NetStumbler Goes Web 2.0? Say It Ain’t So!

Actually we haven’t, and at this rate we won’t be “Web 2.0″ until 2014. Anyways, as you might have noticed has undergone some more changes. There are several new features that we are very pleased to bring you. Here are some highlights: Comments! Live Search Live Archive Page Category Browsing Tags Easy Bookmarking (AddContinue Reading

WiMax To break $1bn Mark By 2009

Revenues from WiMax equipment are set for impressive growth, analysts report, but will continue to lag behind those from wireless LANs (WLANs). Via []Continue Reading

Track Down Rogue Wireless Access Points

Of all of the threats faced by your network security, few are as potentially dangerous as the rogue Access Point (AP). A rogue AP is a WiFi Access Point that is set up by an attacker for the purpose of sniffing wireless network traffic in an effort to gain unauthorized access to your network environment.Continue Reading

China Reinvigorates WAPI Push

WAPI is back, with an enthusiastic new push to make it a state standard in the world’s most populous nation. You may be forgiven if you think the name “WAPI” sounds familiar, but aren’t quite sure what it means. WAPI, or Wired Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure, is the Chinese-born encryption standard that competes directly withContinue Reading

National Express Trial Coach-based Wi-Fi

National Express has launched a trial wireless access systems on its coaches travelling between between London and Cambridge. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Set To Re-Wire Social Rules

With more people now using broadband rather than dial-up and online shopping soaring during the weeks before Christmas, there is no doubt that Britons are big fans of the net. Via []Continue Reading

Nintendo DS Wi-Fi Tops One Million Users

Gaming giant Nintendo announced yesterday that its wireless gaming service has crossed the one million unique user mark in less than four months of operation. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Promises Internet Shake-up

There is a good reason why the biggest wi-fi zones in the UK are in the City of London and Canary Wharf, with widespread wireless access being touted as the force behind the net’s next wave of innovation. Via []Continue Reading

Intel Lines Up Santa Rosa, WiMax For Notebooks

Intel unveiled a new generation of its Centrino notebook technology as well as the ultramobile PC during afternoon keynote speeches at the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday. Via []Continue Reading

Lower Wi-Fi Prices On The Horizon

Experts say Wi-Fi prices are set to fall as competition in the sector heats up. Most laptops now ship with Wi-Fi and many public areas are equipped with hotspots, but users often complain about the cost and complexity of accessing the internet. Via []Continue Reading

Mobile WiMAX Adoption Will Lag Behind Fixed

WiMAX, while ready to emerge strong in the broadband wireless market, may struggle to take hold in the mobile space, according to a new report by Senza Fili Consulting. Via []Continue Reading

Outdoors On The Trapeze

While making a nice push into branch offices has done a lot for Trapeze Networks, the maker of the Mobility System infrastructure equipment is ready to hit the campus. Via []Continue Reading