New Tools Found For Wi-Fi Hacking

Wi-Fi hackers have gotten more advanced and your private information is even more at risk. The recent Black Hat conference in Las Vegas featured a demonstration by Errata Security that detailed how a hacker can use new tools to steal your encrypted cookies and passwords and then control your online sessions.

Errata has combated this new hack threat with their own tools, Hamster and Ferret, which prevent attacks. It appears that the good guys are following closely behind the bad guys but they’re still slightly behind and all Wi-Fi users need to be careful.
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7 Responses to New Tools Found For Wi-Fi Hacking

  1. MasterCJ says:

    I want to ask what tools the “bad guys” were using… But I won’t.

  2. airdump:net says:

    airpwn? or aircrack-ptw? :)

  3. alcopup says:

    Are you serious airdump, next time you want to pretend you have a clue about what you are talking about, pick a tool that did not come out with the ark!!! aircrack pmsl

  4. The problem really is with stupid webservers which don’t bother to check that the session remains stuck to the same ip address.

    “because AOL users DHCP jumps alot..” and the problem is??

  5. christine says:

    I have had computer problems for the past year. I am an inexperienced user. I probably didn’t configure my router correctly and I was running
    windows xp. I had no idea what was wrong for sure but hp “fixed” it 3x but everytime I got it back these problems started again. After about 8 months I got a vista- it too started having problems right from the 1st
    start up. How is that possible? Is it a dns or ip address/name thing?
    Yeah I do alot of reading. Everyone thinks I’m crazy cos I believe that
    some strange stuff can happen. Im looking for any direction you may have to offer me…places to look, websites, books, professionals, my own settings, a doctor…? This disaster has gone on for too long and has turned my life upside down. Before this I was enjoying just exploring my computer…I found it was so cool! I could spend hours just learning about the way it functions-I wasn’t even on-line. I think I would have enjoyed a career in that field if I had the smarts. When things appeared to be wrong, I spent time trying to seek these problems out-not running to someone…maybe this was the problem. Anyway, I pray for help now and real education now, and thank you in advance for anything you have to offer.

  6. fisher says:

    i am a complete newb to this wardriving cr*p but obviously very keen to learn or i wouldnt waste time posting a comment!

    if anyone might have any good reccomendations of software to use please feel free to leave a post with a link:-)

    ive been looking for software that works well with my vista business laptop, its got a dell wireless 1390 wlan mini-card if that helps?

    thanks everyone!!!!

  7. yoda says:

    Kristin got it wrong. Hamster and Ferret are not the tools to prevent attacks. They are tools to make the attacks.