AMD’s ‘Centrino’ Strategy Worries Wi-Fi Vendors

WiFi vendors are expressing concerns over AMD’s plans to acquire ATI Technologies. The perception is that AMD will follow the “Centrino” route, which involved a bundle of an Intel-manufactured processor, chipset, and Wi-Fi card. Dirk Meyer, the president and chief operating officer of AMD, dismissed the concerns, assuring that the company has no plans of copying Intel’s strategy. Meyer stressed that AMD will “continue to rely on the ecosystem and great partners like Broadcom.” Also, “the strength of [AMD's] approach is for customers to have access to best of breed components.” Nonetheless, companies like Broadcom are already studying their options as their own customers are already asking about their contingency plans should the AMD-ATI deal pushes through. Mike Hurlston, vice president and general manager of Broadcom’s wireless LAN business, said: “We’re certainly getting that [kind of question] from a lot of customers. Our answer has been that it’s too early to tell.”
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