WiMax’s Small Steps To Security

Experts believe WiMax will have the same security problems as WiFi. These problems, according to former Tipping Point security consultant Shawn Merdinger, include “weak management protocols and vulnerable applications — embedded Web servers, unencrypted access via telnet and SNMP V1 and V2.” Gartner’s VP of mobile computing Ken Dulaney, however, stressed that any security problem should not be blamed automatically on the technology itself. He said it could be because of faulty drivers or other areas. Sprint Nextel Corp., which announced that it will use WiMax as the vehicle techology of a new high-speed wireless network that it plans to build, is worried about such attacks. “That’s exactly what I’m thinking about. One of the things we really need to do is make sure we work with our vendors on that,” Sprint Labs research scientist John Larson said.
Via [darkreading.com]

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