Wi-Fi Mobiles Offer Free Calls – All Over The World

Mobiboo and Belkin are now offering handsets that can perform VoIP calls using connection to wireless networks, i.e., The Cloud for Mobiboo and Skype for the latter. Calls from a Mobiboo handset — either the £99 Mobiboo F1000 unit or the £179 Mobiboo F3000 model — to other Mobiboo users are free, those to UK landlines cost 2p a minute and those to non-VoIP mobiles will be charged 14p. Users of the Belkin model, which people can buy for £120, will be charged nothing if they call Skype clients. But subscribers will need to pay 1.4p a minute if they call landline users and 16.6p to other mobiles.
Via [technology.timesonline.co.uk]

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