Intel Touts WiMAX As Fix For India’s Digital Divide

Intel Corp. chairman Craig Barrett sees WiMax as a solution to India’s digital divide. Barrett said WiMax “is relatively inexpensive and relatively simple” and therefore “ideal for rural environment where there is limited infrastructure in place.” He made these remarks following his tour of Baramati, a town that Intel adopted under its World Ahead Program. There, he visited a hospital that is using WiMax to connect to the Internet for diagnostic work, a school that is employing new technology-driven learning methods, and farmers in remote villages to assess how information technology can help raise living standards.

The U.S. chipmaker is vigorously promoting WiMax around the globe, spending $1 billion for this campaign. Barrett revealed that there are ongoing trials in some 200 sites worldwide, with about 40 to 50 companies looking to use the technology for commercial purposes.
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