WiMAX May Challenge Asia 3G ‘In Five Years’

Analysts believe it will take another five years for WiMax to challenge 3G in the Asia Pacific region. According to In-Stat analyst Bryan Wang, WiMax users will grow to 14 million by 2011. This is just about 8 percent of the Asian 3G market by that time, as per the prediction of Frost & Sullivan research analyst Lenny Koay. The popularity of 3G, Koay said, will continue to rise in five years, with the number of users reaching 178 million by the end of 2011. Most of the growth will be seen in China and India as 3G services are expected to hit both markets next year.

Analysts say a lack of awareness in data services and the unimpressive revenues from mobile solutions play a role in the tepid WiMax uptake. Interoperability issues and lack of standardization, according to Wang, also hamper widespread acceptance of the technology.
Via [computing.co.uk]

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