Testing Faster Wi-Fi

VeriWave is mounting a new blade in its WaveTest 90 chassis for testing 802.11n devices. According to VeriWave vice president of marketing Eran Karoly, the company has received requests for 802.11n device tests from infrastructure equipment makers like Cisco. The new WaveBlade houses a channel emulator for multipath signal simulation. It can perform tests on all the IEEE channel models and produce traffic to simulate up to 500 11n clients. The company said it can upgrade the blade’s baseband, MAC and protocol engines to complement the ratified 802.11n specification. Depending on the MIMO implementation, the new blade can have between two and four radio connectors. It will come with a $30,000 price tag and is due for market release in the second quarter of this year.
Via [wi-fiplanet.com]

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