Boingo Launches Worldwide Wi-Fi Service For Mobile Phones And Devices

Boingo Wireless has launched its new global Wi-Fi service for mobile phones and devices. Boingo Mobile, which the company offers for a monthly flat rate of $7.95, allows users to get high-speed Internet connection in airports, hotels, restaurants and convention centers across the globe. The service can run with Windows Mobile 5.0-based Smartphones or Pocket PC devices.

Boingo Mobile subscribers can use Internet-enabled applications on their phones, such as making VoIP calls, sending SMS messages, receiving push email, viewing online news or video, uploading and downloading photos or videos, surfing the Internet, and accessing Intranet services. The company said the service is available for Belkin’s Wi-Fi Phone for Skype and expects its coverage to expand to other Wi-Fi enabled devices like mobile/cellular handsets, VoIP phones, mobile gaming consoles, MP3 players and digital cameras, in the future.

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