Wireless Industry Gears Up For WiMax

This week, carriers and equipment vendors are converging in Orlando, Florida for the CTIA Wireless 2007 trade show. Mohammad Shakouri, vice president of marketing for the Wimax Forum, expects WiMax to be the main topic of talks, similar to what happened in the 3 GSM World Congress in Barcelona last month. Some vendors plan to showcase its WiMax devices at the CTIA, like Samsung, which will bring a handset, a mobile PC and a new USB dongle to enable wireless broadband for laptops to the trade show.

Shakouri revealed that the WiMax Forum is nearly finished with the certification requirements for new products. Certification of devices using the 2.3GHz spectrum is due by the middle of the year while those using the 35GHz will take place in the third quarter, and products using the 2.5GHz, by the end of 2007.

The technology is currently making headway in Asia. The Japanese government plans to issue more WiMax-compatible spectrum later this year. South Korea’s Korea Telecom announced it will begin offering WiMax service in 2007. Similar plans are also in the works in India, Malaysia and Pakistan. The Taiwanese government, meanwhile, is devoting $1 billion to promote the production and development of 2.5GHz WiMax products and programs.
Via [news.zdnet.com]

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