Wi-Fi: Children At Risk From ‘Electronic Smog’

Sir William Stewart, head of the Health Protection Agency in the U.K., wants a probe on whether the use of Wi-Fi in schools poses any danger on students. Such action is also being sought by the Professional Association of Teachers — the group has called on Secretary of State for Education Alan Johnson to launch an official investigation into the issue. Current figures indicate that wireless networks are now deployed in over half of primary schools and four-fifths of secondary schools in the country.

The calls mirror the growing concerns that Wi-Fi has ill effects on health some scientists believe it can cause cancer and premature senility. According to Professor Olle Johansson of Karolinska Institute in Sweden, scientific literature confirming Wi-Fi’s “adverse health effects” abounds. He remarked: “Do we not know enough already to say, ‘Stop!’?” Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, chief of the environmental health and medicine in Salzburg, agreed and described the technology as “dangerous.” Authorities from the said Austrian province is now mulling a ban and, has been advocating against installing Wi-Fi in schools over the last 16 months.
Via [news.independent.co.uk]

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