How To Keep Your Wi-Fi Network Safe

With the ease in cracking the Wireless Equivalent Protection (WEP) code, many experts have recommended the use of Wi-fi Protected Access (WPA) to secure home wireless Internet networks. Unlike WEP, which hackers can breach in as little as 60 seconds, WPA appears to be a formidable protocol. “We have had a very close look at WPA and we can’t find anything to exploit,” said Erik Tews, one of the researchers at the Darmstadt Technical University in Germany who discovered a method to break into a WEP-equipped network much more quickly. A brute force dictionary attack may defeat WPA and its later variant, WPA2, but this would entail the hacker to use millions of different words or combinations of words to obtain the correct password. As such, AirDefense wireless security expert Amit Sinha is endorsing the use of a non-dictionary password with WPA. “If you use one which is long enough – at least 20 characters – then it becomes unfeasible for a hacker to mount a brute force attack, because finding your password would take longer than the entire history of the universe.”
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