Ready For WiMAX?

WiMax is expected to enjoy extensive adoption, particularly with the development of chips and equipment based on IEEE’s 802.16 standard. Adaptix recently unveiled its BX-3000 Micro basestation and SX-300 mobile terminals while Aperto already received WiMAX Forum certification for its PacketMAX 100 and 300 customer-premise-equipment (CPE) units. Though only few services exist, more and more companies are investing in and testing the technology. Intel and Motorola gave $600 million and $300 milllion, respectively to finance Clearwire’s plan to offer WiMax broadband services nationwide starting next year. Sprint Nextel also announced it will spend up to $3 billion to build a high-speed network using the technology. Both Clearwire and Sprint intend to use the 2.5-GHz spectrum, the only availble band for Wimax’s use in the U.S.
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