Wi-Fi Gives Kids Access To Unchaperoned Net

New portable gaming devices with wireless capabilities like Sony’s PSP (PlayStation portable system) and Nintendo DS are raising concerns among parents. Parents have less control on these gadgets unlike with PCs, which allow them a number of options to restrict or monitor their kids’ activities, such as installing Net Nanny, a program to block pornography or fix time limits on Internet surfing. With WiFi, particularly from networks that do not need registration requirements, it is possible for kids to use mobile devices like the PSP to get access into a neighbor’s unsecured router. According to Aruba Networks founder Keerti Melkote, it does not help that no company is offering software that will let parents control their kids’ activity on mobile devices. Fortunately, some companies have taken notice of such concern. Disney launched a new mobile handset that places users in a “walled garden,” thus allowing parents to monitor their kids’ location via GPS and limits phone use. WiredSafety.org plans to kick off a new ad campaign in November, which will call on parents to look into the functions and capabilities of devices before they purchase them.
Via [news.com.com]

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