Bangalore Challenge Spurs Valley WiFi Discussion

The Wireless Silicon Valley task force is looking into plans by Bangalore to become “the second city in the world to be fully WiMax enabled.” Taiwan earlier claimed to be the first city providing its residents wireless connection anywhere, anytime.

The subject of Wireless Silicon Valley’s discussion ensued from an article in Hindustan Times written by Puneet Mehrotra. The writer believes the prospect that Bangalore would be ahead in the wireless race should not be a surprise as “it’s definitely not a rule that all the inventions and technological developments of the world will only take place in Silicon Valley.” Brian Moura, the co-chair of Wireless Silicon Valley, downplayed the perceived competition, saying “this isn’t so much about a race, it’s about setting up a wireless platform and doing it right.”

A group of companies including IBM and Cisco will build the Wireless Silicon Valley network, which aims to cater to as many as 2.4 million people in the South Bay area. The companies hope to establish one square-mile pilot programs in four communities in early 2007. According to IBM’s Brent Grotz, the network will initially use WiFi technology but could later be upgraded to WiMax.
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