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CBS Offers Midtown Manhattan Free Wireless Internet Access

CBS has just made an announcement that is sure to delight New Yorkers. From Times Square to Central Park and from 6th to 8th Avenue will become the new CBS Mobile Zone. This zone will carry free Wi-Fi for cell phones, laptops and other devices that want to access the internet or even make voiceContinue Reading

WiMAX Backers Positioning 802.16e As An Alternative To Municipal WiFi

Chicago’s WiMAX World show displayed a large rift between Mobile WiMAX supporters and municipal WiFi. With continued problems halting all progress in the municipal WiFi world, WiMAX supports say they have the solutions. They contend that their licensed spectrum will guarantee continuous coverage and that indoor reception will not be as problematic as it isContinue Reading

Silicon Valley Wireless Nears Crunch Time

Another massive wireless network has fallen behind schedule, this time the location is California’s Silicon Valley. About 40 municipalities over a 1500 square mile area are still in negotiations but representatives have said that the model should be completed by the end of the year. So far the delay has been blamed on technological improvementsContinue Reading

Google-funded Startup To Offer Free Wi-Fi In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has had its ups and downs with a citywide Wi-Fi system and still there is no system in sight. Google has most recently entered the fray, at least peripherally. Meraki, Google funded start up, claims it can cover the city with Wi-Fi for a fraction of the current plan’s costs,Continue Reading

Earthlink Shifts Municipal Wi-Fi Strategy

Earthlink has abandoned its original business strategy for municipal wireless networks. “We’re also beginning a dialog with the municipalities that we’ve partnered with, and that we’re considering partnering with,” said Earthlink President and CEO Rolla P. Huff. “The Wi-Fi business as currently constituted will not provide an acceptable return … We’re going to look forContinue Reading

SF Sets Wi-Fi Vote, But Deal May Fade

San Francisco has spent three long years working toward citywide Wi-Fi and it appears as though a November election will finally settle the debate. The problem is the city’s deal with EarthLink may go south before it is ever implemented. EarthLink has raised concerns about the citywide Wi-Fi agreements they have signed and are noContinue Reading

Time For Wi-Fi To Sink Or Sync

Three years ago Philadelphia Mayor Street announced that he had a dream. He dreamt of a hot city with inexpensive Wi-Fi for everyone whether they were at home or on the go. The city paired up with EarthLink to realize that dream and now, after testing a 15-square-mile area, they say they’re ready to goContinue Reading

Despite High Hopes For Economic Development, Cities Struggle With Wireless Internet

It seems the dream of an inexpensive Wi-Fi connection for all might be just that…a dream. About a year ago the city of Lompoc, California sunk $3 million into this dream, hoping that the internet could connect them with the outside world. Currently, only a few hundred subscribers have latched on to the service, farContinue Reading

Wi-Fi Better Designed For Shorter Ranges, Not Citywide Deployments

Wireless technology is no match to wired networks as primary connection. This is according to Dave Burstein, editor of the industry newsletter DSL Prime. “Where you have a choice, DSL or cable compared to wireless, you are going to go for DSL or cable unless it’s ridiculously overpriced.” Burstein conceded that wireless networks are usefulContinue Reading

EarthLink Scales Back, Focuses Muni Wi-Fi Effort

EarthLink’s latest move is sending minor shockwaves through the Wi-Fi community. The company has decided to turn its attention away from municipalities and focus on existing deals and big cities. The company cites its first quarter earnings, or losses rather, as the reason for its shift in focus. With a loss of $30 million theContinue Reading

City Of London Fires Up Europe’s Most Advanced Wi-Fi Network

People who work in and visit the City of London can now have broadband Wi-Fi connection anytime, thanks to a network provided by The Cloud, Europe’s largest Wi-Fi network operator. “We feel it is important to provide this technology to maintain our position as the world’s leading international financial centre,” remarked Michael Snyder, who chairsContinue Reading

Cisco Builds Massive Wi-Fi Network In Italian Province

The Italian Province of Brescia will soon become a Wi-Fi zone, thanks to a network being developed by Cisco Systems. The mesh extends over 4,800 square kilometers and covers over 200 rural towns. Cisco put about 600 access points on light poles, and plans to deploy 200 more to complete the project. It also installedContinue Reading

Paris To Offer Free Wi-Fi Broadband To Citizens And Visitors

Residents of and visitors to Paris will soon get free wireless broadband connection anywhere in the French capital. The city government has chosen Alcatel-Lucent and leading French mobile carrier SFR to build the citywide Wi-Fi network. The service, which will rely on 400 new access points, is expected to be operational by the third quarterContinue Reading

San Francisco Turns Free Wi-Fi Into Long Battle

San Francisco residents may have to wait longer to get free WiFi access. Although Mayor Gavin Newsom signed the contract with Google and EarthLink, building the network has yet to start as the Board of Supervisors refused to consider the contract and is now studying how to convert the facility into a city-run public utility.Continue Reading

S.F. Should Not Rush Free Wi-Fi Deal

Jake McGoldrick, a supervisor for San Francisco’s First District, raised concerns over the city’s deal with EarthLink and Google to build a citywide Wi-Fi network. He cited a report by a Budget Analyst for the Board of Supervisors recommending that the city explore several business models. This move, the report said, “would encourage creativity andContinue Reading