Dual-Mode Capability Unites Wi-Fi, Cell Network

Several vendors have unveiled various dual-mode solutions that allow for call handovers between WiFi and cellular networks.

WakeMed Health & Hospitals looks to acquire software from Aruba Wireless Networks, which can support dual-mode phones. To date, the medical center has provided 650 SpectraLink voice handsets and 500 cell phones to its nurses. The ability to combine both services, according to John Tuman, director of network services at WakeMed, would be valuable. The new software, which is due to be released next year, will run on the Aruba 6000 Mobility Controller switch that the healthcare company plans to install this month.

Symbol Technologies, meanwhile, announced it will begin shipping the new RFS7000 RF switch — a wireless switch for dual-mode phone handovers — also next year. Siemens Communications likewise plans to integrate such capability to its HiPath product line by late 2007 or early 2008.
Via [computerworld.com]

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