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Siemens Teams With Nokia On Wi-Fi-GSM Handover

Siemens and Nokia are collaborating to perfect the handover of voice calls between corporate Wi-Fi and GSM networks. The two companies will work on certifying the compatibility of software in their products for business clients such as Nokia’s E-series mobile phones and Siemens’ fixed-mobile convergence server called MobileConnect, which is compatible with its HiPath 8000Continue Reading

Dual-Mode Capability Unites Wi-Fi, Cell Network

Several vendors have unveiled various dual-mode solutions that allow for call handovers between WiFi and cellular networks. WakeMed Health & Hospitals looks to acquire software from Aruba Wireless Networks, which can support dual-mode phones. To date, the medical center has provided 650 SpectraLink voice handsets and 500 cell phones to its nurses. The ability toContinue Reading

Dublin Developer Debuts Wi-Fi-Mobile Roaming Software

Cicero Networks has unveiled a new dual-mode VoIP client that will allow Nokia smartphones to use the best available connection between WiFi and traditional mobile networks. CiceroPhone is designed for Nokia S60 handsets, including the E60, E61, E70 and N80 models. The Irish software maker plans to officially ship this new product by the endContinue Reading

Switching From Cell To Wi-Fi, Seamlessly

T-Mobile USA is due to begin offering a new service for mobile phone users that will allow seamless switching between its cellular network and their home Wi-Fi networks. The company will use unlicensed mobile access or UMA to enable the new service. T-Mobile, several blogs reported, has performed a trial of the service in theContinue Reading

Cisco, Motorola Abandon Wi-Fi/Cellular Venture

This year’s plan for a “seamless” cellular/WiFi roaming technology partnership between Cisco Systems Inc. and Motorola turned out to be not so seamless, so a new generation of fixed/mobile convergence devices won’t be coming your way until at least 2007. The devices are predicted to allow handsets to roam seamlessly between WiFi and cellular networksContinue Reading

Is Wi-Fi Roaming Really Seamless?

The goal of mobile Wi-Fi is, of course, mobility, but seamless connectivity for users who wander about isn’t always completely seamless. In a world where roaming delays exceeding 100 milliseconds aren’t tolerated (wireless voice), and where giving up on one access point before finally finding another can take up to 5 seconds, users should takeContinue Reading

All About Wi-Fi Location Tracking

Location sensing of WiFi enabled equipment and personelle is something that alot of companies have wanted for a a while. It’s tricky stuff and is’nt the easiest to setup, but can be invaluable for many reasons, such as location of key personelle and equipment, detection of rogue or attacking device, and for detecting the locationContinue Reading

iPass And T-Mobile Agree On Wi-Fi Access Across Europe

T-mobile has teamed up with ipass to allow customers to use other ipass partner companies access points throughout europe. It’s moves like this that make hotspots easier to use. Rather than having to buy 8 different access cards, you just need onecard or code, and only one fee to access hotspots everywhere. Via []Continue Reading

How Will We Converge Wi-Fi And Cellular?

Now that the buzzword of convergance of WiFi and cellular is going full steam the question now seems to be ‘who owns the talk time?’. If I have a cell phone and am using the cellular network, it’s easy to bill me for the talk time. If I’m at my home or business using theContinue Reading

Airvana Aims To Bridge Gap Between Cellular, IP Networks

Airvana is joining the convergance train and releasing a gateway to allow cellular and IP based networks to seamlessly roam from one protocol to another. The point is made though that such hand offs can have major security implications that haven’t been dreamed of yet. Only time will tell if this technology is really usedContinue Reading

T-Mobile First To Bridge 3G, EDGE, GPRS, And Wi-Fi

Nortel has provided technology to allow T-mobile that allows seamless roaming between 3G, EDGE, GPRS, and WiFi networks in Europe. No word yet if this ‘always on’ internet experience has an off button. Via []Continue Reading

BT To Develop Global Wi-Fi

BT wants to build a global wi-fi network to enable customers to make cheap mobile calls routed over the internet anywhere in the world. Via []Continue Reading

Handset Eases Roaming Between Wi-Fi And GSM

New handset technologies, fixed-mobile convergence, and mobile messaging were the focus of the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona. Via []Continue Reading

Kyocera, Marvell Team On Wi-Fi/CDMA Platform

Kyocera Wireless Corp. has signed a strategic alliance with Marvell to develop a dual-mode Wi-Fi/CDMA handset platform. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola Works Around WLAN Roaming To Enable Wi-Fi Telephony

Motorola on Tuesday leveraged the intense spotlight of the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show to introduce a new Motorola Residential Seamless Mobility Gateway (RSG) that takes WiFi-to-cellular handover control out of the hands of the carrier and puts it squarely in the hands of the consumer. Via []Continue Reading