Wireless-N Receives Unanimous Vote

At a gathering in London, the IEEE 802.11n working group has unanimously approved the second draft of the much-awaited next generation Wi-Fi standard. This development, along with the likely approval by the IEEE membersehip, would allow the Wi-Fi Alliance to begin certification of Draft N products by March. Glenn Fleishman of Wi-Fi Net News expects the alliance to release details of its branding scheme and sees “waves of firmware upgrades for existing products.” The latter could be the case for Draft 1.0 products like Netgear DG834N, Linksys WRT300N, Belkin N1, D-Link Rangebooster N650 and Buffalo Airstation Nfiniti, which failed to deliver the 300Mbit/s plus expected from 802.11n. Upgrade is likely to be easier for Draft 2.0 products, according to Eric Bangeman at Ars Technica.

Via [techworld.com]

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