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802.11n Gear To Get Seal Of Approval

It looks like the Wi-Fi Alliance is pushing forward, using the latest draft of the 802.11n standard. This means “Wi-Fi Certified” products should be hitting the shelves this summer. Eight laboratories around the globe have begun testing pre-standard products to see if they stick to WPA2 protocols and if they are backwards compatible with otherContinue Reading

Avoid Draft 802.11n Standard, Says Analyst

Wireless protocol is finally about to get some standardization. The Wi-Fi Alliance has said that it will soon be certifying products based on pre-standard version of the next generation hi-speed wireless networking technology with 802.11n. This means that IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) wireless LAN standard will receive a well needed revision. TheContinue Reading

Three Vendors Spotlight 11n Wireless LANs For The Enterprise

A group of wireless LAN vendors plan to showcase their new high-performing enterprise access points at the Interop Las Vegas this week. Colubris will bring its Multiservice Access Point (MAP)-625, which has two radios. One radio supports 802.11a, b, and g while the other is compatible with 11n draft 2 standard. The MAP-625 11n radioContinue Reading

Next Gen Of Wi-Fi Is Planned For Summer

The Wi-Fi Alliance is scheduled to start certification of wireless routers, networking cards, microchips and other products supporting draft 802.11n standard. The final version of the specification, which is due to be released next year, boasts speed that is five times higher than the current “g” version. The technology uses multiple antennas and promises betterContinue Reading

Meru Unveils Enterprise 802.11n WLAN Gear

Meru Networks has unveiled its new enterprise-class wireless LAN products that comply with the IEEE 802.11n draft standard. These include a two-radio access point, a five-blade controller and new software for handling wireless data traffic, which Meru will bring to the Interop Las Vegas show later this month. These products, according to company, allow forContinue Reading

Could The French Hinder Draft N In Europe?

A French regulation could impede the adoption of 802.11 Draft N standard in Europe. France was the first country to demand compliance with the latest version of the dynamic frequency selection – a mechanism enabling a WiFi system to move away from a channel once radar is detected – that European regulator ETSI released inContinue Reading

802.11n Wi-Fi Draft Approved By IEEE

An IEEE working group endorsed draft 2.0 of the 802.11n wireless-networking standard, thus paving the way for a possible sale of products based on this spec by as early as this summer. With the approval, WLAN adapters and access points supporting the standard will need no radical upgrade to comply with the final spec, whichContinue Reading

Intel Eases Wi-Fi Interference From 802.11n Chips

Michael Chen, Intel’s Asia-Pacific director of embedded sales group, clarified that the new 802.11n Centrino chips will not support channel bonding if they run on the 2.4GHz spectrum. The said function involves using two channels in the WiFi spectrum to enable higher data transmission, as compared to current WiFi technologies that employ only one channel.Continue Reading

Firms May Find 802.11n Kit Too Hot To Handle

With the release of the Next-Gen Wireless-N component for Centrino laptops, Intel became the latest company to unveil a product supporting IEEE 802.11n. Other vendors like Asus, Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link and Netgear have also shipped 802.11n hardware, which would require a firmware upgrade to be fully consistent with the specification when it is ratified. AContinue Reading

Apple’s 802.11n Accounting Conundrum

Apple cited generally accepted accounting principles as reason for imposing a fee of $1.99 to customers who want to download software that would switch on the 802.11n Wi-Fi technology in MacBooks and MacBook Pros with Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor. The Macs, according to the company, were released prior to the approval of draft 2.0Continue Reading

Wireless-N Receives Unanimous Vote

At a gathering in London, the IEEE 802.11n working group has unanimously approved the second draft of the much-awaited next generation Wi-Fi standard. This development, along with the likely approval by the IEEE membersehip, would allow the Wi-Fi Alliance to begin certification of Draft N products by March. Glenn Fleishman of Wi-Fi Net News expectsContinue Reading

Intel Bumps Centrino Wi-Fi To 802.11n

Intel is upgrading its Centrino Duo laptops’ wireless component to enable connection based on the recently approved draft 802.11n specification. The company plans to offer an 802.11 a/b/g/Draft-N PCIe Minicard network adapter card that can work on both the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz spectra. It claimed that the new device can improve performance five-foldContinue Reading

Intel To Launch 802.11n Wi-Fi Chipset Next Week

Intel is ready to release its new WiFi chipset code-named Kedron to the market. The firm originally planned to launch the product along with its new mobile chipset code-named Santa Rosa in the second quarter of 2008. Kedron’s 802.11 n draft-capable version will be named “WiFi Link 4965 AGN” while the non-draft n capable variantContinue Reading

802.11n Devices Are Fully Compatible With .11b/g

SMC Networks has released its first 802.11n draft v.1-compatible products. It is offering SMC Barricade N wireless 4-port broadband router, which enables wired, 802.11b, g, or n wireless devices to share cable or DSL connections. The router features a 4-port 10/100Mbps LAN switch that is integrated with Automatic MDI-MDIX and a wireless access point thatContinue Reading

Report: Apple Will Charge For 802.11n Access

Mac owners will need to pay if they want to enable the 802.11n draft standard in their machines, according to Mac enthusiast websites, AppleInsider and MacFixIt. The said technology is integrated but not turned on in all Macs operating on Core 2 Duo or Xeon processors save for the 17-inch 1.83GHz iMac. The fee isContinue Reading