S.F. Should Not Rush Free Wi-Fi Deal

Jake McGoldrick, a supervisor for San Francisco’s First District, raised concerns over the city’s deal with EarthLink and Google to build a citywide Wi-Fi network. He cited a report by a Budget Analyst for the Board of Supervisors recommending that the city explore several business models. This move, the report said, “would encourage creativity and innovation” and enable the city to select the best proposal that would suit its financial needs. McGoldrick believes the city government should not rush the deal and still consider viable options that could result to offering free or universally accessible service. He said the deal provides little money for “digital inclusion,” which would make WiFi accessible to poor residents of San Francisico. McGoldrick also proposed that a municipally-owned enterprise run the network because this could ensure cheaper rates if not free Wi-Fi connection.

Via [examiner.com]

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