Clearwire: Taking WiMAX To The Street

Clearwire has gone public. The company’s initial public offering was scheduled for March 6, and through it, Clearwire hoped to raise $513 million or about $25 to $27 per share. Scott Sweet, managing partner at, expected the share price to come to between $25 and $27, thus generating some $621 million for Clearwire, one of the few companies that own spectrum suited for WiMax. The optimism is understandable in view of Clearwire CEO Craig McCaw’s track record — in 1994, McCaw sold his cellular phone empire to AT&T for $11.5 billion. In addition, Clearwire has technology heavyweights — Intel and Motorola — as partner-investors. Intel and Clearwire have teamed up to develop products based on WiMax while Motorola provides equipment to Clearwire.

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