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Clearwire, Sprint Call Their Deal Off

The recent departure of Sprint CEO, Gary Forsee, is having some far reaching impact. The WiMAX build out between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire is the latest victim as the proposed joint, nationwide WiMAX effort has been dropped. Sprint’s corporate shake up was not the only reason the proposed venture was nixed,the complexities of the transactionContinue Reading

Clearwire Enhances WiMax Plan With Satellite Deal

Clearwire has recently announced that its WiMax wireless broadband service will be offered to subscribers of DirecTV and EchoStar. This cross marketing deal is expected to go into effect by the end of this year and will let each of the three companies create a very strong marketing bundle for their consumers. WiMax companies areContinue Reading

Clearwire: Taking WiMAX To The Street

Clearwire has gone public. The company’s initial public offering was scheduled for March 6, and through it, Clearwire hoped to raise $513 million or about $25 to $27 per share. Scott Sweet, managing partner at, expected the share price to come to between $25 and $27, thus generating some $621 million for Clearwire, oneContinue Reading

WiMAX IPOs Are On The Way

Clearwire and NextWave plan to go public by early 2007 and have already filed their S-1 forms with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Both companies, which are beset by losses, are banking on WiMax for future profitability. Clearwire already secured backing from chip manufacturer and WiMax champion Intel and cell phone maker Motorola for itsContinue Reading

Clearwire Pushes WiMAX to The Big Time

Clearwire finally rolled out its WiMax service and has chosen Seattle for this maiden venture. The company, which owns a license on 2.5 GHz spectrum, uses a proprietary “pre-WiMax” technology instead of the IEEE 802.16 standard that is equated with the term, for the network. The service offers 768 kbps downlink/256 kbps uplink speeds underContinue Reading

Clearwire Gets More Dough

In the past two months, Clearwire has received over $1.1 billion to develop a nationwide WiMax network. It won $900 million in investment from IntelCapital and Motorola Ventures for the project in July. It secured a further $100 million from two investors and $125 million in debt financing from Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and JPContinue Reading

Intel’s $600 Million WiMax Bet

Intel, with hopes of encouraging a nationwide service that equips notebook PCs for fast Internet access and Internet-based calling throughout the US, has invested $600 million in Clearwire. This is Intel’s second investment in the Kirkland (Wash.)-based wireless broadband provider, and a big boost for WiMax. WiMax technology is used to cover large areas withContinue Reading