Find WiFi By Phoning Home Using Asterisk

Locating a HotSpot has been made easy by the new Asterisk WiFi Hotspot Finder plugin. All you need to do is get Asterisk — an open source VoIP phone system — and install it in your PC. You also need to have a VoIP-to-POTS (normal phone service) provider, a phone system, and the Flite voice synthesizer or Asterisk-based telephony platform application TrixBox. Once the PBX is activated, download the plugin. Modification of the Asterisk dialplan is required to enable extension 9434 to call the plugin script. After installing the script, compose a directory for the speech files, then reload Asterisk. Now you are ready to use the application. Once you dial W-I-F-I or 9434 and key in the zip code, the plugin will perform a quick search, pass the text to the voice synthesizer and utter the information over the phone.
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