WiFi Thieves Busted In The UK

The city of Redditch in the UK has two unlikely criminals. The pair were recently arrested for using other people’s WiFi broadband internet connections without permission. Neighbors had become frustrated at the man parked in front of their home on his laptop and called the police. The police arrested the man and cautioned him for dishonestly obtaining electronic communications services with intent to avoid payment.
Via [techworld.com]

6 Responses to WiFi Thieves Busted In The UK

  1. Randy Orrison says:

    The people leaving their WiFi unsecured should be held responsible.

  2. Welcome to the new era of technology.

    They think they can catch all the wardrivers and mappers?

    wait till they meet the usa wdu

    “war drivers underground”

    that’s gonna be a wakeup call like noneother.

    PS fbi get your god damned car off my street

  3. AcidAngel says:

    Ok , so here in the states , due to the telecommunications act , as weird as though it may sound , when you get on a computer system….. WITHOUT intent to be malicious or to “steal” anything , unless there is a NOTICE saying “no unauthorized access” , your free to roam , wardriving , wifi cracking/hacking/whatever is perfectly legal……. unless of a city ordinance or state ordinance where you are located at. I myself am in California , and recently the San Diego times , ran a 4 page report on how to make a pringles can antannae to go “wifi searching” with a 8 – 12 DB gain “quote”. in fact right now I am using someone elses wifi , that had a “WEP” encryption on it , however it is perfectly legal in the state I am in.

  4. W_driver says:

    These 2 guys were just suckers who were too laisy to visit PCWorld shop and buy a wireless anthena for extending range, so that they won’t need to sit in front of his neighbours house w PC. (TIP: Tint your fckn car windows, and buy a directional anthena)
    What do they called themselves ? Wardrivers ? Disgraceful…

  5. Chris S says:

    Yea i think those who leave they’re wireless router unlocked should be held responcible BUT I think there should be more free wifi spots for those who has a connection at home but always on the go. like even if they pay a small fee would be better.

  6. Firstly, what can i say? you leave your car open with a nice sterio installed, you deserve to have it stolen! Same philosophy applies to wireless networks, you are paying for a service, transmitting your personal data and broadcasting your privacy, encrypt the bloody thing! People should be be accountable, like any insurance company, they will not pay out if you did not take or make necessary actions or precautions to protect your assets, so when some criminal uses your unencrypted network for some real dodgy stuff, don’t be suprised that they used you!! simple science really isn’t it? All the best out there and to you all over the pond.