Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal

Municipal Wi-Fi in Britain doesn’t seem to be hitting the same stumbling blocks that it’s American counterpart. With millions of subscribers and entire cities going Wi-Fi, Britain has developed a new concern… health risks.

The radiation produced from a Wi-Fi tower is similar to that from a cell phone tower. And in 2000 Sir William Stewart, current Chairman of the Health Protection Agency, led a study into the effects of cell phone tower radiation and determined that there was enough reason to be concerned and suggested a precautionary approach to putting towers near schools. Radiation levels are much lower than the safety limits in Britain but with entire schools going Wi-Fi there is an increased radiation level. Currently, there are studies being performed across the world and the jury is still out on this possible health problem.
Via [news.bbc.co.uk]

3 Responses to Wi-Fi: A Warning Signal

  1. karl says:

    to be honest i don’t know who to believe anymore now…case studies show one thing and others chancge again everything. Who should we believe? I suggest the health concerns..

  2. Danny P says:

    As with all radiative devices, there is s risk. A cell phone, bluetooth devices, Wifi, Wireless senders, Cordless home phones etc all emit radio wave radiation of some form. I believe there is a link with this radio wave radiation and health risks. I am not condoning the use of these devices but we should all be made fully aware of what this risks are and full case studies should be undergone to show and educate the users of the risks. I personally use Wifi, but I do make sure all wifi is off when not needed. As with cell phones, I only use when I have to etc. I limit the risks and reduce personal exposure.

  3. Jason says:

    I have just begun doing research on wifi, but from what I heard it seems to be the case