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Verizon Opens Up, Will Support Any Device, Any App On Its Network

Verizon has joined the bandwagon and announced a new open access plan for its network. This plan will go into effect next year and means any application can run on any device from any manufacturer and will have full access to the Verizon spectrum. Verizon representatives say this move was prompted by two different motives,Continue Reading

Google May Get Its Open-access Wishes After All; Will Bid In 700MHz Auction

The much anticipated 700MHz spectrum auction in January officially has another bidder. Google has announced that it will toss its hat in the ring. A Google representative says that the company’s goal is to offer American consumers more choices in an open and competitive wireless world. Officially, Google doesn’t have to announce its plans untilContinue Reading

CBS Offers Midtown Manhattan Free Wireless Internet Access

CBS has just made an announcement that is sure to delight New Yorkers. From Times Square to Central Park and from 6th to 8th Avenue will become the new CBS Mobile Zone. This zone will carry free Wi-Fi for cell phones, laptops and other devices that want to access the internet or even make voiceContinue Reading

Can WiMax Make It In The U.S.?

The deal struck between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire back in July has been scrubbed and the national WiMAX network took a hit. Both companies say they will continue to work on the technology independently. Although both companies appear committed to developing WiMAX, their shareholders may actually hold the reins as huge sums of money areContinue Reading

Clearwire, Sprint Call Their Deal Off

The recent departure of Sprint CEO, Gary Forsee, is having some far reaching impact. The WiMAX build out between Sprint Nextel and Clearwire is the latest victim as the proposed joint, nationwide WiMAX effort has been dropped. Sprint’s corporate shake up was not the only reason the proposed venture was nixed,the complexities of the transactionContinue Reading

High-speed Wireless Video Transfers 100X Faster Than WiFi On Tap

IBM has joined forces with MediaTek to develop microprocessor chipsets that will wirelessly transmit videos almost instantly. These chipsets will let you connect HDTVs with set top boxes without the need for wires. They will also transfer data at rates of at least 100 times that of current WiFi standards. This new technology, mmWave wireless,Continue Reading


WiMAX has a reason to celebrate. The International Telecommunications Union has just approved the non-cellular technology as part of a 3G standard. This means that operators with 3G spectrum in their 2.5 GHz bands globally can use WiMAX to build out a spectrum. The last interface added was back in 1999 when ITU added IMT-2000Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Health Study Gets Go Ahead

The BBC has announced that the Health Protection Agency is going to begin a systematic research program on how WiFi is used. The goal of this study is to determine how WiFi is being used and the possible radiation exposure that results from such use. Spokesmen from the HPA believe that the study will confirmContinue Reading

WiMAX Backers Positioning 802.16e As An Alternative To Municipal WiFi

Chicago’s WiMAX World show displayed a large rift between Mobile WiMAX supporters and municipal WiFi. With continued problems halting all progress in the municipal WiFi world, WiMAX supports say they have the solutions. They contend that their licensed spectrum will guarantee continuous coverage and that indoor reception will not be as problematic as it isContinue Reading

Silicon Valley Wireless Nears Crunch Time

Another massive wireless network has fallen behind schedule, this time the location is California’s Silicon Valley. About 40 municipalities over a 1500 square mile area are still in negotiations but representatives have said that the model should be completed by the end of the year. So far the delay has been blamed on technological improvementsContinue Reading

Apple Eyes The Wireless Auction

The upcoming wireless auction may be drawing another high roller. BusinessWeek has reported that Apple is looking at the possibilities of a purchase. It’s believed that this chunk of wireless spectrum is the last available for creating a mainstream broadband network. It’s believed that signals in this 700Mhz spectrum will be able to provide fasterContinue Reading

Google Launches US Wireless Crusade

Google is looking to offer 95% of the population free broadband within the next 10 years. Unfortunately, it seems that the FCC is thwarting their efforts. Google has contacted the FCC and explained to them their interest in a wireless proposal set forth by M2Z Networks. M2Z is hoping to lease an unused slice ofContinue Reading

700MHz Auction: What’s Really Up For Grabs, And Why It Won’t Be Monopolized

The FCC’s latest release may actually become this year’s top read. The rules for the upcoming 700 MHz auction is apparently riveting and controversial. One large chunk of spectrum has a number of open access conditions attached to it while the other requires bidders be active in the public/private public safety network. But the newContinue Reading

Sprint’s New WiMax To Be Called ‘Xohm’

Sprint’s new WiMAX has a name…Xohm. The company feels the X at the beginning of Xohm gives it an edgy feel but notes the pronounciation is like “home” but with a “z” sound at the beginning. However, the announcement of the name isn’t the only leap the company is taking. They also plan on rollingContinue Reading

Google-funded Startup To Offer Free Wi-Fi In San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has had its ups and downs with a citywide Wi-Fi system and still there is no system in sight. Google has most recently entered the fray, at least peripherally. Meraki, Google funded start up, claims it can cover the city with Wi-Fi for a fraction of the current plan’s costs,Continue Reading