Qualcomm Cell Phone Ban To Take Effect

Qualcomm continues to lose the war over patents with Broadcom. U.S. President George W. Bush has announced he will not overturn a June ruling by the International Trade Commission banning the importation of cell phones housing chips infringing Broadcom patents. Qualcomm, however, is determined not to give up the fight. Aside from preparing an appeal to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the firm has teamed up with its clients and operators to devise new software that would sidestep the patent. “We will pursue all legal and technical options available to us to minimize the impact of the ITC order on consumers, our customers and the entire wireless industry,” said Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs.

Broadcom is obviously happy with Bush’s decision. “This decision strengthens the intellectual property rights of all U.S. companies, not just Broadcom,” remarked David A. Dull, Broadcom’s senior vice president and general counsel. “And (it) sends a clear message to all those who would seek to escape the consequences of their patent infringement. In upholding the ITC remedy, the administration is also encouraging a market-based solution to patent issues that is in the best interests of American consumers, U.S. companies and global patent protection.”
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3 Responses to Qualcomm Cell Phone Ban To Take Effect

  1. Steve says:

    Qualcomm sucks anyway.

    Broadcom products are always pretty decent – and to have a crappy phone maker like Q use their chipsets (basically) and have them be lousy – well, that sucks.

    So, yay for Broadcom, yay for patent protection.

  2. disco y2k says:

    anyone who knows anything about cdma technology would know that qualcom m produces the highest quality of chips and firmware than any other company in the world. broadcom produces half rate, non compatible, pieces of junk. this whole country is the looser in this deal, i only buy phones based on qualcomm chips, but what do i know? i’m only a global networking grad student who had studied cdma and tdma thoroughly!

  3. Bruce Wrigley Gumchew says:

    Qualcomm sucks A**! This is good news to hear.

    Qualcomm has been nothing but bad new IMO.Their software is crippleware.Anyone with an LG cellphone would know this.Anything that Qualcomm puts their mark on has VERY LIMITED use without the user having to pay major royalty fees.Open source development is totally prohibited.

    It’s why I now buy Motorola or Nokia.LG is infested with Qualcomm software and hardware.It’s a shame because my first phone was an LG vx2000 and had QC cdma/alalog.It WAS good back then.Now QC has become way too close-handed…penny pinchers who want everything for themselves.