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Qualcomm Cell Phone Ban To Take Effect

Qualcomm continues to lose the war over patents with Broadcom. U.S. President George W. Bush has announced he will not overturn a June ruling by the International Trade Commission banning the importation of cell phones housing chips infringing Broadcom patents. Qualcomm, however, is determined not to give up the fight. Aside from preparing an appealContinue Reading

Broadcom Puts WiFi, Bluetooth And FM On Wireless Chip

Broadcom has unveiled BCM4325, a chip that supports WiFi, Bluetooth and FM radio. With the use of proprietary “InConcert” algorithms, the chip is able to address interference issues between Bluetooth and WiFi. Such problems normally happen in the past when radios operate in the same spectrum — both Bluetooth and WiFi tap the 2.4GHz band.Continue Reading

Broadcom Wi-Fi Router Touts Integration

Broadcom has unveiled an 802.11g Wi-Fi chip that will provide full Layer 3 routing. By integrating a 54g radio and a medium access control block with an Ethernet switch and a MIPS processor, the BCM5354 can generate and connect to multiple networks through a sole access point via multi-BSSID (Basic Service Set Identifier) software. Lenovo,Continue Reading

Atheros And Broadcom Combine Over 802.11n

Speed may be the goal, but interoperability is the number one concern among 802.11n vendors and user-hopefuls. The 802.11n standard is hoped to achieve markedly faster transmission speeds with higher quality at longer distances and with less interference. Unfortunately, current 802.11n draft-compliant products have tested at less than desired levels, even coming short of resultsContinue Reading

Two Vendors Claim ‘First’ Pre-Standard 802.11n Chipsets

Marvel and Broadcom both say they’re ready to ship chipsets based on the new technology, designed to increase bandwidth and make other improvements over 802.11g. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom 802.11g Chipset Reverse Engineered

Over two years ago a group was founded to reverse engineer the Broadcom Wireless LAN chipsets to provide Linux drivers. This chipset is used by many OEMs, for example in Apple’s AirPort Extreme in Power- and iBooks, Linksys’ WAP and WRT series of consumer grade wireless routers, various laptops from Acer, Gateway, HP and othersContinue Reading

802.11n Deal Imminent, Says Broadcom Exec

The logjam that has delayed agreement on the IEEE 802.11n high data-rate WLAN standard will be broken soon, and a standard agreed by the middle of next year, a senior executive from Broadcom Corp. told the World Broadband Forum. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom Unveils Wi-Fi Solution For PCI Bus

Broadcom Corp. has announced what it claims is the first Wi-Fi chipset that supports the PCI Express bus architecture. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom Holds Off On 802.11n Chip

We shouldn’t look a for an 802.11n chip from Broadcom anytime soon, according to Jeff Abramowitz, senior director of marketing for the company’s home and wireless networking business unit. Via []Continue Reading

Companies Team To Enable Push-button Security In WiFi Nets

Broadcom has teamed up with Linksys and Hewlett-Packard to bring push-button security capabilities to WiFi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom Boosts Wi-Fi Coverage

Two new Wi-Fi products from Broadcom, a client chipset and a router system-on-a-chip, utilize the company’s new BroadRange signal processing technology, which can boost the coverage area of broadband wireless systems by as much as 50 percent, Broadcom says. Via []Continue Reading

Chipsets Boost Wi-Fi Range By 50 Per Cent

Broadcom today unveiled two wireless Lan chipsets which it claims allow Wi-Fi users to maintain high speed wireless connections at distances up to 50 per cent greater than previous offerings. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom Goes the Distance

Broadcom Corp. will introduce two new 802.11g radio chip sets designed to extend access point range. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom To Push Security Improvements

Broadcom Corp.’s 2005 to-do list includes integrating security features into its enterprise products, backing AMD’s microprocessors and boosting its presence in handsets, executives said Thursday. Via []Continue Reading

Broadcom Squeezes Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Into Two ICs

In a move to convert the residential phone into an Internet appliance capable of handling voice and data traffic, Broadcom Corp. has condensed all of its Wi-Fi and voice-over-Internet Protocol hardware and software technologies into two chips. A phone equipped with the chip set could replace a consumer’s cordless phone, but would also browse theContinue Reading