Wi-Fi Health Study Gets Go Ahead

The BBC has announced that the Health Protection Agency is going to begin a systematic research program on how WiFi is used. The goal of this study is to determine how WiFi is being used and the possible radiation exposure that results from such use.

Spokesmen from the HPA believe that the study will confirm the safety of using WiFi, but feel that since England’s Chief Medical Officer suggested children limit their non-essential cell phone use due to potential exposure to radiation that a study into the radition emmissions of WiFi was the next logical step.

Results of the study will be publicly available, but officials reinforce their belief that WiFi is safe.
Via [bbc.co.uk]

7 Responses to Wi-Fi Health Study Gets Go Ahead

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  3. Sat Nav says:

    I find it hard to believe that emissions from WiFi are stronger than that of mobile phone masts. If they are not stronger then why bother spending money doing the research. TV masts surely kick out more wattage but they are safe. Aren’t they?

  4. Ian Ball says:

    No matter what the results are from any investigation into the biological effects of radio energy are on the human body, whether it’s cell phone, wifi, TV masts or whatever, the results will be that it’s safe.

    After all if there was any proof that radio energy is harmful then all of the emergency services and armed services would stop using their radio equipment.

    Or am I being cynical

  5. Garold says:

    I can’t wait until all the health freaks accept what they are and join up with the paranoia freaks in general, then we can have tinfoil hat partiest and etc with those tiny little cupcake things I <3 so much. :D

  6. Joe Sixpack says:

    Rediculous to propose or think non-ionizing radiation has a seriously detrimental effect on people. The ‘evidence’ is bad science. Concentration affected by holding a conversation with one person while doing something else? How is this unusual?

    I suggest any support – especially by the BBC which has shown itself repeatedly as a paid shill agency not working in the interest of the common good – suggesting ‘non-ionizing radio waves’ have any similarity to ionizing radiation/radioactive waste, such as causing cancer – a big hot-button issue for the brainwashed masses – is irresponsible and criminal non-science.

    It is clear huge plumes of radioactive waste were sent all around the world, especially in North America, from over 100 above-ground nuclear explosions in and around the 1950′s. Real radiation: released from burning coal, DU weapons, polonium-laced commercial tobacco smoke, irradiating the heads of children in one case and from nuclear power ‘accidents’ is to blame for the increased background radiation picked up on Geiger counters.

    The real criminal lobby responsible for these irresponsible and criminal uses of nuclear energy want more than anything for the public to be decieved into believing a person’s own use of communication technologies such as WLAN and mobile phones causes the diseases created by the same criminals who are racist and have no care for their fellow man, because they do not believe people not from their own tribal or ethnic background are their ‘fellow’ man (i.e. Oppenheimer ‘I have become destroyer of worlds’).