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So you want to be a Security Consultant?

This is my first guest blogging opportunity on and I wanted to discuss what I believe is missing in most of the student/consultants I encounter. I would recommend these things for anyone preparing to be a consultant in IT security. So, the first and most important thing to learn in my opinion is TCP/IP.Continue Reading

Getting Serious About Wi-Fi Management

The Radicati Group pegs the penetration of Wi-Fi in the enterprise at 50 percent by 2008. Cut that number in half and it’s still huge. So now that Wi-Fi is becoming a standard part of enterprise infrastructure, it’s time to get serious about security and management. Via []Continue Reading

Azimuth Systems Launches VoWLAN Test Platform

Wireless-network test-system developer Azimuth Systems today launched a benchmark test platform for testing VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) in Wi-Fi settings. The company claims that the W-Series wireless-LAN test platform validates both VoWLAN handsets and Wi-Fi infrastructure gear. Via []Continue Reading

Corporate Wi-Fi Integration, Part 4

Mike Houghton wraps up his four-part series on integrating Wi-Fi with your corporate IT environment by providing a glimpse into the future and some final recommendations for a successful implementation. Via []Continue Reading

Access All Areas

When many companies find it hard enough to control the IT use of office-based employees, how do you convince them that giving staff remote access is a good idea? Via []Continue Reading

Drive-Through Wireless

We’ve told this story in a dozen variations: The entrepreneur who envisions a new use for Wi-Fi, a moneymaker sure to tap into the demands of a previously unrecognized audience. Latte sippers. Boaters. RV drivers. Via []Continue Reading

Wound Up In Wireless

With all the media coverage and vendor hype it is easy to believe we are in the middle of a wireless revolution. But don’t get carried away: while there is an opportunity to deliver value to customers through wireless solutions, resellers must present solid business cases and help customers around technical complexities Via []Continue Reading

Voice Over Wi-Fi: Too Green For The Enterprise

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, so the combination of Internet telephony and open wireless access can seem irresistible. Imagine a wireless phone that can work with networks all over the world, without needing a subscription to a service provider. Via []Continue Reading

Group Proposes Wireless Smart Card Authentication

The WLAN Smart Card Consortium Thursday proposed a new type of authentication that it claims will simplify securely logging on to all types of wireless networks. Via []Continue Reading

Corporate Wi-Fi Integration, Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 of this of this 4-part series, we discussed some of the reasons for making the switch to Wi-Fi, the all-important site survey, and what components make up a WLAN. In this, part 3 of our series, we’ll discuss some of the issues that inevitably crop up and a list of theContinue Reading

Wireless Security Enhances Worm Detection

Network Chemistry, a provider of RF (radio frequency) security solutions, announced Monday that new worm-detection capabilities have been added to its RFprotect Wireless Intrusion Protection System. Via []Continue Reading

WLANs Go Feral In Corporate Undergrowth

Frustrated employees are taking IT into their own hands by installing DIY Wi-Fi access points (APs) in their offices while their IT departments don’t even notice, according to Gartner. A rogue access point can leave an organisation’s network wide open and once on the network, an unauthorised user could go undetected. Via []Continue Reading

College Backs Off Wi-Fi Ban

High-tech tensions at the University of Texas at Dallas are easing, as administrators are curtailing the regulation of private hot spots in campus housing, but problems with interference may continue. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Is More

Want to free yourself from the clutter of computer cables, surf the web from the sofa, and download music in the garden? It’s easy – all you need is a wireless home network. Via []Continue Reading

Airespace Wins IBM Partnership For WiFi Service

Airespace, a Silicon Valley telecom services start-up, won a partnership with International Business Machines Corp. that will help Airespace grab a piece of the growing market for WiFi services, the two companies told Reuters on Wednesday. Via []Continue Reading