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Motorola Reveals Plans For WiMAX Solutions

Motorola Inc, a wireless communications company, has revealed its intention to bring WiMAX (802.16e) solutions to market quickly to meet the increasing demand for fixed and mobile wireless broadband solutions. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola, Cisco Team On Cellular Wi-Fi

The Motorola and Cisco technology will operate using Wi-Fi inside the enterprise and cellular telephony elsewhere, with a seamless handoff of communications between networks. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola In Field Trials Of Wi-Fi/Cell Handoff Technology

Motorola said Tuesday that it has started field trials of its Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology that it claims will provide seamless handoffs between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola’s New Mesh

The old MeshNetworks and its Mesh Enabled Architecture (MEA) were always interesting, but one thing its equipment was not was 802.11-based. However, the company is now a part of Motorola, and 802.11 is soon to be part of the program. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola Joins Group On Faster Wi-Fi

Two camps are ready for a showdown over faster wireless LANs following Motorola’s agreement on Thursday to merge its proposal for the IEEE 802.11n standard with that of the World Wide Spectrum Efficiency (WWiSE) consortium. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola Phones To Call On Wi-Fi, VoIP

The world’s No. 3 handset maker plans to add Internet phone software from Internet telephony provider Skype to a select number of Motorola phones that link to the Internet using short-range, high-speed Wi-Fi networks. Via []Continue Reading

Motorola Damns WiMAX With Faint Praise

The real question about Canopy Wireless, now launched – 30 months late – in Europe, is not merely “what took you so long?” but “Why are you singing from Intel’s song book about regulation, but not about WiMAX?” Via []Continue Reading

Motorola Buy Adds Heat To Mesh Networking

Motorola said Tuesday that it will purchase MeshNetworks, which makes equipment for mobile broadband and position location networks. That deal and an expected announcement from Nortel Networks suggest that the mesh-networking market is on the rise. Via []Continue Reading