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Cisco Builds Massive Wi-Fi Network In Italian Province

The Italian Province of Brescia will soon become a Wi-Fi zone, thanks to a network being developed by Cisco Systems. The mesh extends over 4,800 square kilometers and covers over 200 rural towns. Cisco put about 600 access points on light poles, and plans to deploy 200 more to complete the project. It also installedContinue Reading

Making Metro-scale Wi-Fi Meshes Fly

A metro-scale WiFi is the talk of the town and the dream of the future. Currently meshes are the answer to large scale WiFi networks but meshes may not be able to provide enough capacity for multiple classes of users and multiple applications on the same infrastructure. To combat this problem the mesh vendors areContinue Reading

Motorola Offers Exchange Program For Wi-Fi Mesh Gear

For 11 weeks through June 15, Motorola is running a program that will enable early-adopter cities to receive credits for exchanging their wireless gear for Motorola’s “HotZone Duo” products. Under the Superior Wireless Access Program, Motorola will pay $500 for each old unit exchanged with a single-radio HotZone Duo node and $750 for those wantingContinue Reading

Proxim Unveils Mesh Nodes With Wireless Backhaul

Proxim Wireless is now offering WiFi mesh base nodes with wireless backhaul in licensed or unlicensed spectrum. MeshMAX is a system that integrates AP4000MR, the company’s outdoor mesh nodes, with broadband wireless radios for backhaul, which can be either 802.16d fixed WiMAX in the 3.5GHz range or Proxim’s “pre-WiMax” MP11 base station in unlicensed spectrumContinue Reading

A WiFi Mesh Network For Your Car

DaimlerChrysler announced that its field trial of WILLWARN, a research project by the PReVENT initiative aimed at reducing road accidents in Europe, has been a success. The project involves installing WLAN routers in cars to allow drivers to share information on temperature, road conditions, fog, or road obstructions within a 500 meter radius. Car2Car CommunicationContinue Reading

Motorola Incorporates Mesh Spec

The 802.11s task force has gotten down to work. The task force is trying to come up with a mesh networking spec to finally define how to do it. Motorola has already taken the preliminary draft and stated that their software already supports it. As with most standards task forces, this one looks to haveContinue Reading

All About Wi-Fi Location Tracking

Location sensing of WiFi enabled equipment and personelle is something that alot of companies have wanted for a a while. It’s tricky stuff and is’nt the easiest to setup, but can be invaluable for many reasons, such as location of key personelle and equipment, detection of rogue or attacking device, and for detecting the locationContinue Reading

Nortel To Test “Wireless Mesh” In Israel

Nortel is jumping into mesh networking with both feet. After wiring up Taipei with a mesh municipal wireless system, the Israeli town of Ariel is next to use this technology. The town is testing the mesh network as a solution for a host of things, including surveillance, water meters, data and voice communication and alsoContinue Reading

IEEE Group Reaches Pact On Mesh Wi-Fi

Wireless mesh networking is the key ingredient in making the dream of municipal WiFi a reality. That dream is a little closer with the adoption of 802.11s. Until recently there was no standard available for early adopters to use so they were risking alot if things changed from the method they were using. The lackContinue Reading

Outdoors On The Trapeze

While making a nice push into branch offices has done a lot for Trapeze Networks, the maker of the Mobility System infrastructure equipment is ready to hit the campus. Via []Continue Reading

Unfurling Wireless Mesh

The port city of Corpus Christi, Texas, has attached 300 wireless access points to traffic signals, streetlights, water and radio towers, and buildings to provide a blanket of IP network access across 24 square miles. Within five years, city officials plan to expand that to 1,600 wireless access points spread across 147 square miles. ViaContinue Reading

Inside Wireless Mesh Networks

Resiliency is a key attribute of mesh networks. A mesh network supports multiple paths among network nodes, hence there is no single point of failure, and nodes can be added to increase redundancy. Mesh networks also can load-balance traffic to prevent congestion and reroute traffic around congested nodes. Via []Continue Reading

The Promise Of Wireless Mesh Networks

The wireless mesh network is currently seen as a practical solution for offering large-scale deployment of Wi-Fi access. With wireless mesh networks, a centralized controller performs the management of all the network access points, the benefit of which is to allow for better security and easier management. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh Networks: New Challenges

A study from ABI Research estimates the global market for 802.11 mesh products to be $116 million and that it will soar to $1.3 billion five years from now. Much of that will be spent by municipalities or service providers to offer low-cost wireless Internet access, says Sam Lucero, ABI senior analyst. Via []Continue Reading

Mesh Nets Offer Challenges

Though a late entry, Cisco’s first wireless LAN mesh product will throw fuel on an already hot market. Via []Continue Reading