Wi-Fi Chip Shipments Expected To Top 200M In 2006

According to a new study by the Wi-Fi Alliance and research firm In-Stat, global shipments of WiFi chips will surge to 200.9 million this year from 160.9 million in 2005.

Chips for Wi-Fi-enabled laptops and routers make up most of the volume at 75 percent, while those for portable consumer electronics like hand-held video games and the Zune account for around 15 per cent — down by 2 percent last year — and those for stationary consumer electronics like video game consoles represent 10 percent, or a 2 percent increase from last year. In-Stat believes shipments of chips for dual-mode phones will rise from 1 percent this year to 5 percent in 2007, to nearly 25 percent by 2010.

As to variants, pre-standard “n” wireless chips only captured 4 percent of the market this year. The “g” variety remains dominant with a 55 percent share, followed by the combination “a” and “g” technology at 25 percent, a considerable jump from 9 percent in 2005.
Via [theglobeandmail.com]

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