Next-gen Nabaztag Wi-Fi Rabbit Delayed In U.S.

Shipment of the next generation of Nabaztag, a WiFi rabbit from French design house Violet, to the U.S. remains uncertain. The Nabaztag development blog cited issues raised by the Federal Communications Commission, which have now been cleared, for the delay. The new “Nabaztag/tag” is already available in France, the U.K., and the rest of Europe.

The WiFi bunny has revolving antenna ears that move like a conductor’s baton. Its white plastic body carries various integrated LEDs that flash in order to provide information — the movement of a specific stock or an incoming email – to its owner. The gizmo has a text-to-speech generator to read emails or Web pages. Violet put a “belly button” microphone for two-way, verbal communication in the next-gen version, which features an unlimited time playing capability for podcasts and web radios.
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