Seagate Drive Has Gigabytes Of Wireless, Pocket Storage

Seagate Technology has rolled out a pocket-sized 10GB to 20GB hard drive that can store and trade digital files between mobile phones, PCs and other mobile platforms through Bluetooth or WiFi connection. The company expects to make the Digital Audio Video Experience (DAVE) available to telecommunications carriers and mobile phone manufacturers in the second quarter of 2007. According to Seagate’s announcement at the Demo 07 trade show, DAVE allows delivery of video files sans latency or coverage problems by downloading to the device at leisure and not via live streaming over mobile networks.

Motorola, meanwhile, said its venture capital unit has provided funding to DARTdevices Corp. The Mountain View, California-based software firm has developed an application that will enable wireless content sharing between consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones, PCs, PDAs, and MP3 music players.
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