Fair Wi-Fi: Are Hotels Really Fleecing Guests?

Silicon.com continues with its Fair Wi-Fi campaign, which urges hotels in the U.K. to be more transparent as to how they charge customers for Wi-Fi use. Today, hotel Wi-Fi prices vary some charge a flat fee of £50 while others impose an hourly rate of £5.

According to Graeme Powell, MD of iBahn, knowing the costs of installing a wireless network and ensuring the quality of service is crucial in determining whether hotels are ripping off their guests. Powell said deploying a Wi-Fi network in an average-sized hotel of between 200 and 300 rooms would amount to £30,000. But in the U.K. the equation would include the build and age of the building.

Tony Walsh, development manager at hotel bookings firm LateRooms.com, argued that hotels should regard Wi-Fi access as a regular feature considering the increasing demand for the service. He conceded that setting up a wireless network would be costly, but the service would bring long-term benefits in the form of repeat bookings from Wi-Fi hungry business travelers.
Via [silicon.com]

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