Paint Your Way To Wi-Fi Freedom

EM-SEC Technologies plans to sell a wall paint that can bar or hold in WiFi radio signals. The EM-SEC Coating System provides an “electromagnetic barrier for the containment of wireless networks” that, according to Robert Boyd, vice president and director of technology at the Hampton, Virginia-based company, “reduces the threat from electronic eavesdropping and blocks out electromagnetic interference for the protection of electronic data.” The water-based paint was intended for use by the U.S. government and military and is certified by the National Security Agency as a Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions or TEMPEST countermeasure. The company has yet to announce how much it would charge for its product. Other similar products that are out in the market include Force Field Wireless’s DefendAir Radio Shield, an interior paint that can limit transmission of 5GHz signals, and BAE Systems’ FSS (Frequency Selective Surface) wallpaper.
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