Icron’s Wireless USB Hub Is Pricey

Icron Technologies unveiled its maiden wireless USB hub, which it will sell for $395.00. Icron chief executive Robert Eisses expects the product to be popular despite the price. “We sell a CAT-5 USB extender for $695. We sell a lot of them. We expect to sell a lot of these, too,” he said.

WiRanger Cable Free USB 2.0 Hub features 802.11g Wi-Fi technology, which would allow for data transmission over a distance of 30 meters and at a speed of 54 Mbits/s. It houses both Local Extender Module (LEX), and Remote Extender Module (REX) — the LEX is attached to the PC via a type B connector, and the REX, which has four ports, enables four devices to be plugged simultaneously. Eisses warned of possible performance issues because, as per the product’s spec sheet, “some products may not function normally due to (the wireless radio’s) restriction.”
Via [pcmag.com]

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