Free Wi-Fi Software Nixes Need For Routers

Scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology are offering their WiPeer software for free. The downloadable application can wirelessly connect computers within 300 feet of each other inside buildings and within 900 feet outdoors without the use of routers. Through the wireless link, users can exchange photos, perform online chats, and send 700MB files in no more than 15 minutes.

The application arose from the dissertation by doctoral students Vadim Drabkin, Gabi Kliot and Alon Kama under the supervision of Professor Roy Friedman of the Technion Faculty of Computer Science. Friedman said: “We want to bring this to as many people as possible. When there are two computers in the same room, it doesn’t make sense that they must go out to the Internet to communicate. WiPeer’s main added value is the ability to keep things local.” WiPeer is seen as a possible application for cellphones the software will enable users to do away with operators and call people close by.
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