Best WiFi Hotels 2007

And now for the information that travelers absolutely must have. Which hotels provide the best Wi-Fi services as reported by First the bad news, rather than more hotels providing free internet its gone the other way. More hotels are limiting or restricting the availability of their Wi-Fi services and trying to make an extra buck in the process. The top ranking hotel, Marriott, still provides free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in the rooms. And this service is fast and reliable. Included under the Marriott label are Residence Inns, SpringHill Suites, and Courtyard hotels. For high-end, luxury travelers then the Andre Balazs or Jeff Klein hotels are for you. These hotels provide the service completely complimentary and only require that you register with the front desk and get a Wi-Fi code. In California the JDV Hospitality ranks up there for their quick and easy, and most importantly, free internet service. And also making honorable mention are the Omni Hotels. Although the advertised price is $9.99 per day you can get around this charge by joining the Select Guest Program or get free service in the lobby.
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