Google’s Long Shot In Wireless

Google has a vision of the future and it looks pretty good. Their goal is to make all cellphones compatible with any wireless network and internet access will be sold to customers at deeply discounted prices. In fact, Google is so devoted to this vision that it’s willing to throw $4.6 billion toward transforming prime public airways to a high-speed data freeway.

Google has placed a stipulation on its bid, they want regulators to agree to open access of those airwaves. If the FCC agrees the new spectrum could be revolutionary, giving consumers more choices. This idea is backed wholeheartedly by consumers, public interest groups and a coalition of major technology companies.
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2 Responses to Google’s Long Shot In Wireless

  1. Marcel says:

    yes, of course. means more ad business to them.

  2. I believe that this is just one portion of the near future that we will take for granted within a period as little as 5 years. With the increase of cellphone use and decrease of wireless and internet access on such devices, this industry is just going to boom. Who are they going to thank when all is said and done? Google of course!