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Aruba To Speed Up User Authentication

Aruba Networks is set to release some new gear to greatly increase the speed of authentication for large wireless networks. The technology moves authentication away from a central server into the hardware of the network controller, offering up to 1000 authentications a second with EAP. Other announced improvements include features to allow for WLAN authenticationContinue Reading

Aruba Plans For Success

Wireless LAN is fine for data, and most companies using the technology have their systems at about 10 percent wireless with the rest still on Ethernet. But to go all the way requires voice capabilities, and to achieve phone mobility you need a wireless system. According to Dominic Orr, chief executive of Aruba, the differenceContinue Reading

Aruba Unveils Wireless Access Products

The new access points give mobile and home workers a more secure way to connect to the Internet and office systems. Via []Continue Reading

Aruba Pumps Up Wi-Fi Switches

Wi-Fi switch maker Aruba Wireless Networks has upgraded its product line with new management features that improve security and voice functions, as well as new hardware that increases data throughput. Via []Continue Reading

Aruba Gives Wireless LAN Switches More Options

Consolidation in the WLAN switching arena may mean fewer vendors to choose from, but more ways for users to secure, configure and manage their wireless LANs this year. Via []Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Gets Ready For Next-generation Net

On Tuesday, Airespace became the first wireless LAN (local area network) equipment maker to announce support for IPv6, or Internet Protocol version 6, on its products. Other Wi-Fi equipment makers, such as Aruba Wireless Networks, say they will be adding the feature sometime next year. Via []Continue Reading