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Wireless Traffic Alerts Ahead

Federal regulators on Wednesday set aside a swath of spectrum for a new wireless technology that would let motorists use small display screens to get traffic updates, buy fast food or find a nearby hotel. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Internet Frequencies To Expand

Regulators said yesterday they would help bring high-speed Internet connections to rural areas by expanding the spectrum of frequencies for wireless devices that do not require modems and phone jacks. Consumer groups were skeptical. Via []Continue Reading

Moving Towards Ultra-Wideband (One Chip At A Time)

Royal Philips Electronics and General Atomics (GA) Monday said they will work together to jointly develop Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless communication chipsets and support the standardization process. Via []Continue Reading

US Military Takes Pot Shot At 802.11a

High-tech executives in the US are battling to prevent the Department of Defense from imposing restrictions on the use of radio spectrum for Wi-Fi products. Via []Continue Reading

FCC Seeks More Spectrum For Wireless

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continued its push to free more spectrum for unlicensed wireless use Wednesday afternoon by seeking public comment on a proposed rule permitting unlicensed transmitters to operate in additional frequency bands. Via []Continue Reading

The High Hurdles Facing Wi-Fi

If overcrowded spectrum isn’t destined to crimp its growth, it’ll need better technology and regulatory help from the FCC. Via []Continue Reading

Wireless Providers In ‘Sirius’ Trouble

A legal representative of the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) says it’s likely the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will sign off on a petition by a satellite radio company that severely hinders providers using the unlicensed 2.4GHz wireless frequency. Via []Continue Reading