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AT&T Lights Up WiMax In Juneau

Juneau, Alaska residents can now avail of wireless WiMax-based broadband Internet service from AT&T Inc.’s subsidiary AT&T Alascom for $19.95 per month. The company said it is its first venture as part of a statewide plan to broaden broadband coverage via WiMax. The Juneau network will use Alvarion Ltd. equipment and will blanket the Douglas,Continue Reading

Building The El Cajon Dam With Wireless Communications

The $800 million El Cajon Dam in Mexico reached completion early this year and a cutting-edge wireless voice and data communications helped made that possible. Raul Orozco, the IT and telecommunications director at the principal contractor of the dam, said the technology not only produced savings but also ensured the safety of workers — asContinue Reading

AirCell And American Airlines to Launch In-Flight Wi-Fi Service Over U.S.

AirCell and American Airlines have just announced that they will be testing broadband services beginning in 2008. The goal is to enable passengers to use their laptops, PDAs, iPhones and BlackBerrys, and portable gaming systems. AirCell is the leader in global airborne communications and its products are found in many commercial airplanes. In 2006 AirCellContinue Reading

iPhones Flooding Wireless LAN At Duke University

Duke University is facing a wireless LAN crisis which seems to be related to the recent release of Apple’s iPhone. Up to 30 wireless access points can be knocked out at a time as the built-in 802.11b/g adapter on the newly released phone flood the area with MAC address requests. The requests are for anContinue Reading

Pilgrims On The Wireless Trail

People in Cape Cod, Massachusetts just weren’t getting the internet service they hoped for, so instead of fighting with carriers they decided to find their own solution. The non-profit group, OpenCape Corp was started with about $300,000 in donations from local colleges, communities and development agencies. The group is already taking steps toward its goalContinue Reading

EarthLink Scales Back, Focuses Muni Wi-Fi Effort

EarthLink’s latest move is sending minor shockwaves through the Wi-Fi community. The company has decided to turn its attention away from municipalities and focus on existing deals and big cities. The company cites its first quarter earnings, or losses rather, as the reason for its shift in focus. With a loss of $30 million theContinue Reading

City Of London Fires Up Europe’s Most Advanced Wi-Fi Network

People who work in and visit the City of London can now have broadband Wi-Fi connection anytime, thanks to a network provided by The Cloud, Europe’s largest Wi-Fi network operator. “We feel it is important to provide this technology to maintain our position as the world’s leading international financial centre,” remarked Michael Snyder, who chairsContinue Reading

Fon’s New Friend – Time Warner Cable

Is a Fon subscription right for you? Fon is a start-up wireless broadband network that uses other people’s bandwidth to get its clients online. Currently many people use someone else’s open WiFi network to get online, a practice that is generally a violation of the subscriber’s service contract. But that may soon change. Time WarnerContinue Reading

Southwest Reaching For Wi-Fi In Sky

Southwest Airlines is looking to add WiFi services to its flights. They’re hoping to begin rolling out a prototype within the next nine months. Eventually, the plan is that travelers will not only be able to access their email but also have more entertainment options during their flights. The appeal of WiFi during long flightsContinue Reading

WiFi In The Sky: Airlines Prepare Cabin Hotspots

Following approval by the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration, AirCell announced it will bring in-flight Internet service in airlines, which passengers can avail of starting early next year. In 2006, the airplane cabin communications company shelled out $31.3 million to own spectrum formerly used for pricey air-phone service, which it will nowContinue Reading

Google Announces Free In-home Wireless Broadband Service

Technology has now made gaps in cell phone coverage a thing of the past, that is if there is a Wi-Fi Hotspot nearby. Smart phones, complete with Wi-Fi capabilities are hitting the market, albeit slowly, and allow you to make VoIP phone calls, check email, read the latest news and other activities via the internet.Continue Reading

Wi-Fi Bus Crosses The Border

Hansa Buss has a new line of coaches with WiFi on board. With a $40 one-way ticket, passengers can connect to the Internet during the full five-hour travel from Tallinn, Estonia, to Riga, Latvia. Prior to launching the line on March 1, Hansa board member Taivo Puuorg sought the advice of Veljo Haamer. The EstonianContinue Reading

Wireless Cures Hospital Bottlenecks

Sydney Children’s Hospital at Westmead has wrapped up a year-long trial of integrated wireless networking technologies to boost patient care and improve the efficiency of its manual processes. The project involved the installation of 40 Cisco 1200 series wireless networking access points, 40 Vocera hands-free communication badges, 10 Dell notebook computers, which used customized, battery-poweredContinue Reading

Verizon Continues High-Speed Wireless Data Rollout

Verizon Wireless is upgrading its network with CDMA 1x EV-DO Revision A to enable faster BroadbandAccess wireless data services in several U.S. cities. The said technology delivers downstream speeds ranging from 450K to 800Kbps and upstream speeds between 300K and 400Kbps. BroadbandAccess subscribers pay a monthly fee starting from $60 — if they already haveContinue Reading

VoIP Systems Extend Workers’ Reach

Reducing communication costs is not the only advantage to using VoIP. Some companies are now opting for the technology because it allows them to reach their employees even when they are not in the office or on the phone. Jon Levey, broker/owner of ReMax Real Estate Advocate in Lincoln Park, Chicago is thanking the hostedContinue Reading