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RuBee Seen As Alternative Protocol To RFID

The IEEE working group for RuBee (IEEE 1902.1) is due to meet in Boston on February 20. RuBee, a wireless networking protocol deemed as an alternative to RFID, is expected to enable networks to run on long wavelengths and cover thousands of radio tags working below 450 kHz. It allows for real-time inventory under harshContinue Reading

Cisco Invests In Active Wi-Fi Based RFID

With the growing importance of RFID, Wi-Fi companies, which specialize in location awareness of wireless devices don’t want to miss the bus. Confident that the Wi-Fi based active RFID solutions are the way to go, Cisco has announced that it is investing in AeroScout Inc., a specialist in the field of Wi-Fi based Active RFIDContinue Reading

Intermec On The RFID/Wi-Fi Intersection

Intermec, an RFID patent holder at the center of many legal battles, recently took time from its tug-of-war with Symbol Technologies to discuss the future of Wi-Fi. Unlike its competitors in radio tagging and location, Intermec doesn’t expect Wi-Fi to become a prominent player. Via []Continue Reading

Active RFID Meets Wi-Fi To Ease Asset Tracking

TransAlta Corp. is no stranger to radio-frequency identification. The Canadian power company uses passive RFID to help maintain equipment in several of its 600-foot-long plants. But TransAlta wants to take things to the next level with a system that combines its Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth technology, and active RFID so it can find equipment and easilyContinue Reading