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Ember Ships ZigBee Networking Software

Ember Corporation began shipping EmberZNet 2.0. The second-generation ZigBee protocol stack is designed to support application profiles for home controls and user-defined network applications, according to the company. Via []Continue Reading

Agilent Joins ZigBee Alliance

Agilent Technologies Inc. has announced it is the first test and measurement equipment manufacturer to join the ZigBee Alliance, an association of more than 100 companies working to enable cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked monitoring and control products based on an open global standard. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Wi-Fi Payment Machine – Taking Your Cash Anywhere

Nuritelecom has broken into the wireless market with their ‘ZigBee’ wireless credit card machine, it features embedded electronic signature function to ensure secure payments. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Product Flood Defies Sceptics

Lots of ZigBee products are appearing, but there are still some people who think they can build a better low-power sensor network. Via []Continue Reading

Pair Offer ‘One-Stop’ Shopping For ZigBee

Integration Associates and Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. have teamed to develop a single chip ZigBee device that combines an integrated LSI from Oki comprising a 2.4GHz RF and MAC/PHY with the CompXs ZigBee protocol stack. Via []Continue Reading

Groups Ink Licensing Deals For ZigBee Apps

Wireless networking groups Sensicast Systems and Software Technologies Group have agreed a cross licensing deal covering developments in Zigbee compliant devices. Via []Continue Reading

Tiny Sensors Run Forever (Almost)

Smart homes that monitor elderly residents’ every move, networked sprinkler systems that run for seven years on a single battery, radio-equipped windows that call you up if they break — according to boosters of an emerging low-power wireless technology, such applications are about to come to your local home-supply megastore. Via []Continue Reading

Ember Expands In Cambridge, England

Ember Corp., a startup developer of Zigbee wireless chips for embedded systems, has opened a new facility in Cambridge, England, to house an expanded radio IC design team and a business development team serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Via []Continue Reading

Sensors Working Overtime

Is that warehouse about to collapse? Is that turbine about to throw a blade? Is that oil well going to explode? Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Shrinks To One Chip

ZigBee devices are moving up in integration and down in cost, signaling a potential takeoff for the wireless networking technology. Ember Corp. is ramping up production of what it says is the first single-chip ZigBee solution, as well as its second-generation ZigBee software stack, EmberZNet 2.0. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Alliance Makes Namesake Spec Publicly Available

The ZigBee Alliance has made its namesake specification publicly available so that universities, research institutions, companies, and individuals will be able to access the specification and develop applications for noncommercial purposes. Via []Continue Reading

TI, Ember Team On Low-power ZigBee Chipset

Texas Instruments Inc. has announced a collaboration with Ember Corp. to unveil the lowest power consuming ZigBee networking and microcontroller platform. Via []Continue Reading

Airbee, Radiocrafts To Supply ZigBee Solutions

Airbee Wireless Inc. and Radiocrafts AS announced Thursday (April 28) they would team to deliver out-of-the-box ZigBee solutions. Via []Continue Reading

Home Automation Companies Set To Duke It Out

Several companies are about to begin vying to win control of your home. They don’t want to tell you what to do. Rather, they want to come in where home automation vendor X10 left off. They want to automate your light switches, thermostat, security system, and sprinkler system. They want their chips in your universalContinue Reading

Zigbee Rival Releases Second Generation Chip

Less than a week after the Zigbee Alliance announced its first compliance awards, competing vendor Zensys has come out with its second-generation chip. Via []Continue Reading