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Taking ZigBee Where The Money Is

We can do this the hard way, or we can do this the easy way. Via []Continue Reading

Interoperable ZigBee Platforms Roll

The ZigBee Alliance has announced the first four platforms to successfully complete interoperability testing for the short-range wireless technology. The platforms will be used to test ZigBee offerings that emerge in the coming months and, therefore, pave the way for ZigBee deployment in applications such as industrial control, HVAC and home automation. Via []Continue Reading

Airbee Wireless To Announce US Buys

Airbee Wireless Inc, a US-based company that has software development centres in Chennai and Bangalore, is on the verge of announcing two acquisitions in the US. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Ushers In Age Of Connected Devices

It’s a nifty sounding word—ZigBee—but most of the excitement so far here has been around protocol stacks, control modules, and interconnections. Necessary stuff, but deadly dull unless you’re building the devices yourself. But based on my walk through the ZigBee Alliance’s Open House and Member Meeting at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San FranciscoContinue Reading

Ember, Atmel Partner On ZigBee

Atmel Corp. and Ember Corp. today announced a partnership on the ZigBee wireless platform. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee “Panic Button” Calls For Help

Lusora has developed a nifty new twist on solving the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” problem. The company rolled out its LISA pendant, and a series of monitors, which use the new Zigbee low-speed mesh network to provide security to elderly people who want to live at home, and their family. Via []Continue Reading

Z-Wave Wants to Be Your Standard

In one corner we have the ZigBee Alliance, a group of 100 companies that plans to use the low-power IEEE 802.15.4 specification to run controls throughout homes and buildings. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Alliance Finalizes Spec

Culminating two years of development and interoperability testing by the more than 100 member companies, the ZigBee Alliance said today its members have ratified the first ZigBee specification. Via []Continue Reading

World’s First ZigBee Phone Unveiled

ZigBee could bring wireless connectivity to billions of electronics devices, but some in the industry believe that the world isn’t ready for a ZigBee handset just yet. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Spec Due Before Year’s End

The ZigBee Alliance is set to ratify its specification later this quarter, complete with support for mesh networking as well as security provisions. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Poised For 3,400 Per Cent Growth

Fuelled by a rapid rise in home networking, ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4 high-speed wireless revenues will rocket by 3,400 per cent in the next four years, research has claimed. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Alliance Exceeds 100 Members

The ZigBee Alliance today announced 16 new member companies have joined, bringing its total membership to more than 100 companies. Via []Continue Reading

ZigBee Gets Middleware Boost

A Linux-powered network gateway has been designed to help companies integrate ZigBee-powered wireless mesh networks into their enterprise. Via []Continue Reading

Ethernet Creator Talks Up Potential Of ZigBee

Some analysts fear that wireless standard ZigBee is under threat from vendors rushing out pre-standard products, but Bob Metcalfe is certain that it will play a massive role in IT. Via []Continue Reading

Spectra Adds Ember ZigBee Expertise

Embedded communications specialist distributor, Spectre, has signed an agreement to support UK developers in working with Ember Corporation’s, ZigBee ready mesh networking technology for sensor and control applications in building automation, home control, industrial automation and medical devices and utility industries. Via []Continue Reading